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Transport by Samsara Eternity


Self deposit Collecting
National transport Individual Collective
In week between 9h and 17h free
From 0 to 10km 20,00€ 10,00€
From 11 to 50km 50,00€ 20,00€
From 26 tp 40 km 80,00€ 40,00€
Above 40 km price on request
In week between 17h and 20h, Saturday between 9h and 17h 75,00€ + 75,00€
Saturday between 17h and 20h  125,00€ + 125,00€
In week between  20h and 9h, Saturday between 20h and 9h, Sunday and Holidays 150,00€ + 150,00€
International transport price on request

Delivery of the urn: price on request.

Transport by Eric Fiévez


Self deposit Collecting
price on quotation
Collecting outside working hours 250€ + 250€
Collecting out of the box or meadow + 50€


We do not transport or cremate horses over 700 kg.

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