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Frequently Asked Questions

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What should you do when your pet dies?

You can ask your veterinarian for advice and guidance, or you can also opt for a:


Individual cremation

Our funeral service centre offers this type of cremation.
We collect your pet’s remains either at home or at your veterinarian’s office.
Please make sure to find out in advance whether your veterinarian will work with us.

You can choose between two options: informal individual cremation and formal individual cremation.

  • In the informal individual cremation, we cremate your pet individually and once the cremation is completed and the ashes are ready for you to collect, we inform you.
  • In the case of a formal individual cremation, we offer you the possibility to say a last goodbye to your pet in our salons. After this moment of recollection, we invite you upstairs to one of our waiting rooms while your pet is being cremated. Once the cremation is completed, we will present to you the ashes or the chosen urn for the return trip home.

Collective cremation

As with individual cremations, everything is done at our funeral service centre.
A communal cremation implies that several animals are cremated at the same time, so it is impossible to collect the ashes or to attend any kind of ceremony.

For rates, go to the tab “Our cremations


There are 2 possibilities:

  • In your garden: it is necessary to inquire beforehand with your municipality if such a burial is allowed because this practice is very much regulated and rules vary from one municipality to the next.
  • Pet cemetery: The addresses are listed in the telephone directory.

Taxidermy (Stuffing)

Through this process, the animal will retain a “living” appearance. Stuffing is increasingly popular.
The time window for collection is a minimum of 3 months and can be up to 8 months or even a year.
Prices vary on a case by case basis.


Animal carcasses are industrially processed, destroyed, transformed and recycled.
Many mistakenly believe that the remains are simply incinerated. The rendering plants are not open to the public, allegedly for reasons of hygiene, and the animals have to be brought in by specialized transporters.

This is the cheapest solution, although the difference with communal cremation is not really significant nowadays.

Under these difficult circumstances, it is not always easy to make the right decision quickly but our hope is to be of assistance to you.

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