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Appelez-nous au+32 (0)67 49 32 80

Dear partners,

After the announcements made by our 1st Belgian Minister Sophie Wilmes, we think it is useful to reaffirm to you that we maintain, to this day, our activities to a limited extent and only for extreme emergencies:

Samsara Eternity provides the pickup of deceased animals (dogs, cats, NAC) that come from veterinary clinics and veterinarians only.

• Regarding pickups of deceased animals from privates and veterinarians in the regions of Brussels, Brussels periphery and Brabant Wallon, the service will be provided by the company Animatrans on 0475/460 706.

Samsara Eternity ensures the possibility of deposit of deceased animals at the centre. It is imperatively to be preceded by an appointment. Please note that the centre is not accessible to the public without an appointment until further notice.

• For anyone wishing to attend the individual cremation of their animal, we will keep the deceased animal in a cold room until the containment is lifted. We will fix an appointment as soon as the authorities and our services tell us we are allowed.

Samsara Eterntiy / Horsia takes continuous the pickup of horses at the veterinary clinic. If the horse is in a private environment, it must imperatively be presented outdoors.

In case your cabinet / clinic is closed, we thank you for informing us. In order to not leave owners in face of the loss of their animal, don’t hesitate to communicate them our telephone number. We simply remind you that any type of support involves a cost for the owner (see our website).

We remain at your disposal and will do anything to keep our services as usual. We thank you for you’re understanding and will keep you informed of any developments.

For any question or clarification,

SAMSARA ETERNITY : 067/493.280

ANIMATRANS : 0475/460.706

Death of your animal?

Do not hesitate to contact us


+32 (0)67 49 32 80